General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Tori and Bens Privacy Policy

Where this policy applies

This privacy policy applies to all data collected and processed on all websites, databases and their associated systems which are owned or managed by Tori and Bens Farm and which includes its primary websites. 

Why do we collect and process your personal data?

To be able to provide the range of news, products and services offered by Tori and Bens Farm we collect email addresses for the soul purpose to communicate with you.

What personal data or information do we collect and process

We may collect:

Name;  Address; Your email address; Telephone/mobile number;

We do not collect or process sensitive personal data (as defined in GDPR 2018).

What is the Lawful Basis (defined in GDPR)

Tori and Bens Farm lawful basis for processing your data is considered a ‘contractual’ in that you have requested (purchased, joined, requested or subscribed) to a Tori and Bens Farm service, freely provided your personal data and for which Tori and Bens Farm is then required to deliver the service. Such services require an exchange of goods, services, technical information, membership news or resources and in many cases, a form of payment.

Where your data is stored

We store your data on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other standard software on secure servers in the UK. We also work with contracted specialist partners, through service level agreements, who provide secure platforms and software to store data on our behalf. Our internal systems used to process and manage data is hosted on a secured network with secure servers and with password protected access for authorised staff.

Keeping your data secure

Sending information over the internet is generally not completely secure, and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of your data while it is in transit. However, our secure servers ensure you data is protected once we have received it.

Sharing your information

We do not share your information with any other organisations or third parties for marketing, market research or commercial purposes, and we do not pass on your details to other websites.

Updating or changing your preferences

GDPR 2018 is explicit that you must have an opportunity to change your personal preferences in respect of data we may hold (this includes deleting your data). All our electronic communications give you the option to update your preferences at any time. Similarly, each of our websites includes a contact page where you can email us. 

Should you have any questions in respect of this policy, viewing your data we keep, your personal data or Tori and Bens data protection systems, please contact Tori directly on

Tori & Bens Returns Policy

Terms and Conditions


Please Read all terms and conditions including returns policy before placing your order.

We reserve the right to update these terms at any time. If we choose to do so, you will be notified by email or via an announcement on our website.

Product purchasing

  • Once you have registered to use our service, you may place an order at any time using the website functionality. Orders may be placed up to 10am the day before delivery, subject to the availability of stock.
  • By clicking ‘add to basket’, you are placing the product in question into your online shopping basket. You may review your online shopping basket at any point while browsing, and can make change the quantities therein and add or remove products as you wish.
  • By submitting and confirming an order with us you are agreeing to a contract to buy the goods you have chosen. You will receive an immediate, automated confirmation of your order by email, reiterating the goods and delivery date chosen by you.
  • You may amend or cancel this order up to midnight two calendar days before your chosen day of delivery (e.g. up to midnight on the 4th if your delivery date is the 6th). To cancel an order please call 07711567058 between 9am and 5pm, or email Cancellations cannot be accepted beyond this deadline as raw material provisions have been sought.
  • By accepting an order, we confirm that we will do all that we can to ensure that it is fulfilled.
  • Products are subject to availability and market conditions. In the rare event that we are unable to supply a product, you will be contacted by phone or email to discuss a substitute and the price for the product will be confirmed at this point.
  • The order total stated when you place your order, and recorded in your order confirmation, is the price you will pay for the goods (subject to point 6).
  • Placing an order with us carries with it the obligation to pay for the goods, unless you cancel the order within the parameters outlined in point 4.
  • We sell to end users only. You must not resell products purchased from our website.


  • When you place an order, you are required to provide the delivery address. Your chosen delivery address is stated within your automated confirmation email, and it is your responsibility to ensure that this address is correct.
  • Our delivery partner, APC, will deliver your order between 8am and 6pm on your chosen day of delivery (for exceptions see point 3). You are responsible for ensuring that someone is able to accept the order on your chosen delivery date. You may instruct our delivery partner with a leave safe instruction, but this remains entirely at their discretion; parcels will only be left should they feel it safe to do so.
  • We, along with our delivery partner, will endeavour to ensure that your order reaches you on your chosen delivery date. Circumstances beyond their and our control include but are not limited to adverse weather conditions, vehicle breakdown, strike action, Acts of God, fire, civil unrest, equipment failure, war and disruption of energy or water supply.
  • Assuming reasonable and normal conditions in terms of temperature (those which are commonly expected in the delivery supply chain), the packaging we use will keep your order cool until the evening of your day of delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure that goods are refrigerated as soon as they are received.

Products and inspection

  • You are strongly advised to inspect your delivery on arrival. We warrant that goods should not be defective upon delivery; if is your responsibility to contact us within 48 hours if you believe any of the products received to be defective on arrival.
  • Should you believe any of the goods received to be damaged, you must take clear photographs of the damage and email them to along with your order number, delivery date and any other information that could be useful in satisfying your concerns. We cannot process damage complaints without photographic proof of damage.
  • Our warranty does not cover damage that has occurred to the goods while in your possession, including of incorrect cooking methods or storage temperatures.
  • You will not be made to pay for any incorrect or unavailable items.


The allergens carried on site are as follows

  • Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kumat or their hybridised strains) and products thereof
  • Crustaceans and products thereof
  • Eggs and products thereof
  • Fish and products thereof
  • Peanuts and products thereof
  • Soyabeans and products thereof
  • Milk and products thereof
  • Nuts: almond (Amygdalus communis L), hazelnut (Corylyus avellana), walnut (Juglans regia), cashew (Anacardium occidentale), pecan (Carya illinoiesis (Wangenh.) K Kock), brazil (Bertholletia excelsa), pistachio (Pistacia vera), macadamia and Queensland (Macadamia ternifolia) and products thereof
  • Celery and products thereof
  • Lupin and products thereof
  • Molluscs and products thereof
  • Mustard and products thereof
  • Sesame seeds and products thereof
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations of more than 10mg/kg or 10mg/litre expressed as SO2