Our Passion

Our history

25 Years of Legacy

Farming with passion, provenance and pride, we live through our livestock! Grazing the best grass growing country on earth, passion drives us.

Ben, 4th generation farmer and Tori a design & marketing graduate set about adding value to their beloved livestock. In 2004 they set up their meat business selling directly from farm to fork. Over the next 6 years they attended fine food fairs, farmers markets and delivering hamper boxes to their ever-growing fan base. In 2010 Tori & Ben married and moved to their very own tenancy just 5 miles down the road from Bens Family Farm. They set their own sail with passion for their stock in their hands. Broadening their market, they applied to sell at the London Farmers Markets and with success began West Hampstead, Notting Hill & Parliament Hill.

With an ever-growing demand for their extensively, sustainably aged Longhorn Beef they started to need pastures new so when the opportunity to move to Park Farm in Melbourne covering 400 acres, they grabbed the opportunity. An old stock farm turner arable unit began its transformation back to rolling historic grasslands, tree planting, hedge planting, pollen and winter bird feed plantations.


Our Philosophy

Farm Fresh & HOME GROWN Food

The Stanley’s investing in food with provenance & passion for a sustainable environment.

In 2015 the next generation arrived with Bertie and just 19 months later Iona. The family set to grow and spread their word. Having opened a small retail shop in 2010 they soon grew out of that opening a larger shop in 2017. From here they base all their retail markets with the true farm to fork with even bigger plans on the horizon.

Tori, Ben, Bertie & Iona’s herd of extensively managed Longhorn cattle are a jaw drop on the rolling grasslands of Derbyshire. The multi award winning herd are not shy from the Championships even taking National Longhorn Cow of the year in 2019 and Midlands Cow and Heifer of the year 2019. With a national herd of Longhorns its some achievement.

Tori’s love of her Jacob sheep has seen her in the Championships of local and national shows since 2006. And the kids are the new kids on the block are Berties already prize-winning flock of Texel’s.

Their pledge is to keep investing in the environment along with producing the best sustainable, great tasting, grass fed beef and lamb in its most natural environment.


How we stand apart?

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a special breed

Why Longhorn beef?

We farm Old English Longhorns because we love them. They are the oldest untouched native breed of cattle in the country, developed by Robert Bakewell of Dishley Leicestershire as a multi purpose breed they have gone from strength to strength. Bot only are the beautiful they are docile, easy to manage and thrive on our old lays grass land. They are slow maturing meaning they grow naturally over approx. 24 months. Drying this time they lay down natural fats through the muscle.

Through summer and winter we grass feed!We live in some of the best grass growing land in the world why wouldn’t they be!! As soon as the grass is growing in spring they are out on it. They remain outside until the grass stops growing in November. When they come in for winter (which they are delighted to do once the temperature drops) they live in spacious, well ventilated deep straw bedded sheds sheltering from what ever the winter might send us.

with passion & pride

our way and why

They are fed our home made sileage (grass cut and bagged in the summer) and some home grown and rolled barley… well we all fancy warm stew in winter not just a salad and so do they. We are frequently asked if we are Organic: We are not, we are deliberately not organic. We farm responsibility with the livestock’s best interest first. We do no routine antibiotics, no growth hormones and nothing that is unnecessary.

If we have a sick animal we treat it correctly with the correct drugs advised by our vet. We use sheep to follow cattle so when the fussy eating cattle leave bits the sheep take it all off, using good grass management rather than excessive chemical use. We put our livestock and their well being first to farm in the modern world. Farming is a tough industry to be in and very few young farmers get the opportunity to do what Tori and Ben do at their age which is their driving force to produce good, local, ethical food, for the table.

Their pride comes through with their dedication for their livestock showing, presenting each animal at local and national shows. ‘Its our shop window to show everyone what we do and how well we do it,’ says Ben. A farming family engulfed in pride of land, livestock, farming and food production.

Our little family

meet the team

we couldnt do this without our amazing team 




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