Our Passion: OUR FARM

PASSIOn, provenance and pride


We're incredibly proud of the reputation our Farm Shop has built - but we will always be farmers above all else.

We are truly passionate about our livestock, and the rural landscape that we help to conserve.

We take our responsibility to help to produce the nation’s food very seriously – and we also understand that we have a commitment to sustain the environment that nurtures our livestock.

As well as helping to preserve our beautiful countryside for future generations of human beings, we believe that the key to top-notch produce lies in the well-being of our animals, which is why we engage in ethical farming practices designed to provide them with lush pasture and a stress-free life. All of our cattle enjoy at least two summers at grass. 



What drives us daily is a philosophy centered on three core tenets: passion, provenance, and pride. 

This means we go the extra mile to ensure our animals are raised in a natural and caring environment. We avoid shortcuts that compromise quality and focus on long-term, sustainable practices that enrich the soil, air, and ultimately, the food we share with you.

We farm with love and deliver with integrity, placing equal importance on the welfare of our animals and the quality of our produce. This philosophy is our north star in everything we do.

Our pledge is to continue to invest in the environment along with producing the best sustainable, great tasting, grass fed beef and lamb in its most natural environment.

Farmer holding in hand a carrots bunch from local farming, organic vegetable garden with fresh produce, bio food harvest

farm by numbers

We're a family farm, not a factory farm - but sometimes the numbers tell their own story.

Acres Farmed near Melbourne, Derbyshire
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Meals from each animal
Old English Longhorn cattle
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We started back in 2004 with a simple idea: to deliver top-quality meat straight from our farm to your fork.

We learned our trade as retailers at farmers markets across the country, while our history as farmers goes back 4 generations on Ben’s side. 

Today you’ll find us living and working at the 400-acre Park Farm in Melbourne, just 5 miles from Ben’s parents’ farm, living and breathing our ethos of “passion, provenance, and pride.”

Along the way, we’ve picked up awards for both farming and retail, added Bertie and Iona to the family, and in 2017 we moved to a bigger shop premises in King’s Newton.

But our mission remains the same: to put the best sustainable, grass-fed beef and lamb on your plate, while helping to conserve the countryside and create a healthier planet.

Melbourne Park Issac – Overall Longhorn Breed Champion Great Yorkshire Show 2022 & National Bull of year 2022
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